Sir Paul Reeves Building

Structural Designer


Client Name

Auckland University of Technology


Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland University of Technology’s new building accommodates diverse facilities including a 380-seat lecture theatre and computer laboratories. It performs a vital role in connecting a number of previously disparate buildings into a unified complex, centering on a collaborative space beneath a glazed atrium.  Particular challenges resulted from the interface with existing campus buildings and seismic requirements.  The team developed an economic and rational design for the ten-story steel framed tower permitting greater freedom for the expression of structural elements in the public areas to deliver the client’s high aspirations within budget.

Judge's comment:

The designers have developed a creative, coherent and economic design response to the project: taking into account the complex challenges of the tight city-centre campus – and adding value with fine detailing of structural elements in the atrium and precast concrete fa├žade.