The Crow's Nest

Structural Designer

Eckersley O'Callaghan

Client Name

Andrew Vaughan | Katherine Vaughan


Dorset, UK


ARCHITECT: AR Design Studio       



Eckersley O’Callaghan has engineered a bold yet pragmatic solution for a new holiday home on the Jurassic Coast clifftops of Ware, near Lyme Regis, on the south coast of Dorset. Nestled at the base of a slope, the site is within an active landslip zone and the original building had experienced irreparable damage through repeated, severe ground movements. The new solution allows for the building to be re-levelled in situ through a series of specific jacking points below the ground floor.

Judge's comment:

The judges were impressed by the quirky innovative foundations of this holiday home at the foot of the Dorset clifftops near Lyme Regis. The site is within an active landslip zone producing severe ground movements.

The foundation solution involves a double-grid, one on top of the other, separated by jacking points. This solution allows for the building to be re-levelled by local contractors, without requiring specialist engineering knowledge.

The judges found the solution playful, enabling the building to be adapted to the inevitable soil movements rather than solving these by expensive, intrusive means.

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