Baakenhafen Bridge

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Hafen City


Hamburg, Germany

Images: © Wilfred Dechau / ELBE&FLUT


The Baakenhafen Brucke West forms a key new infrastructure link into the major Hafen City development in Hamburg.  Comprising three traffic lanes within its 21m width, it also has cycle lanes and undulating cantilever walkways along both sides. The bridge has three spans, composed of twin steel boxes supporting an orthotropic deck, and is a total of 164m in length. Unusually, it incorporates a 30m long lift out section at its centre that can be removed should there be a future need for large vessels to pass through. 

Judge's comment:

The judges were impressed by the modular nature of the bridge which was both ideally suited to its marine location and conducive to producing high quality finishes through offsite fabrication.  In particular, the bridge steelwork was fabricated in three large sections that were delivered to the site by sea on barges and the piers were constructed as precast concrete shells that were lowered into the sea over the foundation piles. 

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