University of British Columbia Transit Shelters

Structural Designer

Fast + Epp

Client Name

University of British Columbia Properties Trust


Vancouver, Canada

Images: © Tanya Luthi / Fast / Public Design / Fast + Epp


These two 4m by 15m transit shelters in Vancouver feature an engineered glue-laminated wood lattice roof structure supported by a delicate array of steel columns.  The pentagon-shaped cells are joined together with concealed steel plates, with the random pattern of cells creating the effect of walking underneath tree branches.  The cellular roof structures were prefabricated as single units and transported to site, where they were both erected in half a day.  Each roof structure is clad with bronze-tinted glass that gives the canopy a warm appearance as the wood ages.

Judge's comment:

A delightfully simple and minimalist scheme that shows how to create an elegant and unique structure using different materials.  The solution allowed the roof structure to appear as a continuous object without visible connections.  The judges thought that it was an excellent solution with fine details throughout, which was perfectly matched to its natural surroundings and the adjacent tree-lined street.

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