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Somers Town Bridge is a new cycle/footbridge over the Regents Canal at King's Cross. It is a complete design that integrates a sweeping ramp through the Camley Street Natural Park and then over the Regents Canal with a 38m span footbridge. The bridge has a structural depth of only 1100mm at mid span to maintain views from the bridge, and a structural depth above walkway level, that maintains sightlines by canal users of the locks.

Judge's comment:

The Somers Town footbridge spans 38m across the Regents Canal near King's Cross. The design of the bridge follows the practice of the Victorian engineers, who used iron or steel and simple details that express clearly the function of the material. But here the new bridge differs from its predecessors, being a U-shaped trough of welded steel and using stainless steel for the top flanges. The sides of the trough, which are the simple beams that support the bridge, vary in height to express the varying moment and are stiffened throughout by plates at constant centres welded to the side plates and the bridge deck. The handrails, which so often let down the engineering approach, are here detailed impeccably in stainless steel. The detailing and the manufacture are both meticulous, creating a very simple and very elegant bridge that fits perfectly with its surroundings - the lock on the canal and the gas holders a few yards away.

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