Revitalization Project at Mallory Street and Burrows Street

Structural Designer

C M Wong and Associates Ltd

Client Name

Urban Renewal Authority (URA)


Hong Kong, China


The 100 year old terraces on Mallory Street and Burrows Street, although in poor condition, were a popular part of the heritage of Hong Kong.  They have now been given a new life, converted from housing to cultural centre.  The new use increased loads on foundations, requiring the first use of pressure grouting In Hong Kong.  Public open space was created by taking down the back of the buildings on Burrows Street. Two footbridges link the two buildings, providing stability to the remaining part of Burrows Street. Careful sequencing of the work and detailed temporary works were needed to maintain stability throughout.  A thoughtful and very worthwhile piece of conservation.

Judge's comment:

This conversion of two 100 year old terraces in Hong Kong from housing to cultural centre has given these popular buildings a new life.  Additional foundation loads involved the first use of pressure grouting in Hong Kong; partial fa├žade retention and strengthening of floors required careful sequencing.   An excellent piece of careful conservation.

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