L'Argens Bridge

Structural Designer

Webb Yates Engineers

Client Name



Nr Toulon, France


This light and simple bridge provides pedestrian and quad bike access to the eastern part of a 400 acre vineyard near Toulon, France.  The one sided suspension bridge spans 28m over the River L’Argens. Designed and built as a response to an extremely inaccessible site, it was fabricated in 15 sections and assembled in 1 week using a zip wire.  The bridge uses only 2t of steel and the final construction budget was only £70k.

Judge's comment:

This was a site with difficult access and varying ground conditions. The elegant design takes account of the site conditions and the construction methodology to produce a robust and efficient structure where all elements have a primary structural purpose. The robustness of the design was demonstrated by it surviving a flood that inundated the bridge. The design has exceeded the client’s expectations.