Strand East Tower

Structural Designer

engineersHRW; Wood Beton SpA

Client Name

Landprop Holding


London, United Kingdom

Images: © Adam Redgrove


The Strand East Tower stands 40m tall; a timber and steel hyperbolic paraboloid resting on a piled raft foundation - part sculpture, part structure - representing the regeneration of the Sugar House Lane Island just to the south of the London 2012 Olympic Park. The 180mm x 80mm section glulam Larch laths are coach-bolted to varying diameter galvanised steel rectangular hollow section rings to form a slender lattice. This supports a viewing platform 8m in diameter, which is accessed by lift. The tower’s graceful and efficient form takes on an additionally magical aspect after dark when it is illuminated by some 600 LED lights.

Judge's comment:

The judges are impressed with the strength, efficiency and beauty of the structure, appositely reflecting Vitruvius’ triple architectural principles of ‘firmness, commodity and delight’. The completion of the entire project from start to finish in just under six months, and the out-turn cost of £700,000 are also highly praiseworthy.