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The Halo involves a huge oval structure cantilevering over an amphitheatre-like space as the key design element for the new global Nissan Motor Show booth design.  The 30m long cantilever is the longest ever achieved to date using parts based on standard lightweight aluminium truss products. The structure comprises three long-span oval rings floating over the booth and is inspired by the slipstream effect visible around the Nissan GTR during wind tunnel testing. There are no strings attached to support the rings; they simply cantilever away from the stage and are supported by the stage itself acting as a counter-balance and by the lever generated on the ground. The entire structure can be assembled in a continuous 29 hour shift.

Judge's comment:

This cantilever is an impressive piece of lightweight structural engineering using standard aluminium components that can be assembled by hand in a short period.  It is a celebration of the engineer's art seen by thousands of visitors to the Nissan Motor Show, and demonstrates what can be done with ingenuity and innovative thinking.

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