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Private client


Nr. Clachan, Kintyre. Scotland


Studio Weave


Neil Weir


An artist’s studio located on the Kintyre coast. Due to its remote location it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as very high wind and snow loads. The building sits on top of a Victorian midden wall, formerly the depository for dung from nearby stables.

Both the walls and the roof are formed from stressed skin panels, enabling the corner of the building to cantilever over the stream without using any structural steel members. There is also a window in the underside of the cantilever which allows the artist to peer down to the flowing water below.


Judge's comment:

What you see is what you get with this gorgeous little house. Literally a wooden box, with the plywood panels acting as shear planes to cantilever the house beyond the hill it sits on. The judges were impressed by the very tight relationship between the engineering and the architecture.

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