Up at the O2

Structural Designer

Buro Happold

Client Name

Ansco Roofwalk Ltd (AEG)


London, United Kingdom


The “Up at the O2” walkway provides its visitors with the unique experience of traversing the O2 on a stressed fabric PVC membrane, with the opportunity to pause at a viewing platform at the top.  The new structure is entirely supported by cables attached to four of the existing masts which pull the walkway cables into the arch form.  The resulting tension is resisted by screw piles at ground level.  The existing analysis model of the O2 was used to determine the impact that the new cable net would have on the existing structure.

Judge's comment:

The team achieve a highly economic design by making optimum re-use of the existing O2 structure. This was only possible through extensive re-analysis of the existing O2 structure under combined loading and the imposition of restrictions on walkway use in high winds and snow.

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