Porsche Sculpture at Goodwood

Structural Designer


Client Name

Gerry Judah FRBS


Goodwood, UK

Littlehampton Welding

David Barbour - Photography


This incredibly tall temporary sculpture appears to float in the air and is visible for miles. 

The piece features real iconic Porsche cars drawn from the company’s motorsport history.

The base is just 8cm across, slender enough to hold in one hand. 

Judge's comment:

This project is the most recent in a series of eye-catching sculptures all of which demonstrate several aspects of structural engineering practice. In this case, dynamics, analysis and buildability are worthy of note.

Respectively these necessitated getting sufficient tension in the cables to deliver the required stiffness; 3D analysis of the monocoque form; and, bolted connections of large offsite elements (such as one 32m in length) throughout to avoid the need for welding at height. 

The following statistics help to put this sculpture in context: at 51.7m it is taller than Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square, it has a total steel weight of 21 tonnes; and the cars supported at the tips weigh six tonnes.  

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