15 Clerkenwell Close

Structural Designer

Webb Yates Engineers

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London, UK


ARCHITECT: Amin Taha Architects 

STONEWORK: The Stonemasonry Company         

METAL WORK: Eastnor Ltd  

GLAZING: Glasstec Systems


15 Clerkenwell Close is a six storey (plus basement) mixed use building consisting of reinforced concrete flat slabs and a stability core. The slabs are supported around the perimeter by what appears at first glance as a traditional concrete/steel frame clad in stone. In fact it is a much simpler yet eye-catching system of solid stone load-bearing columns and lintels. A closer inspection reveals ammonoids, drilled wedge holes and saw grooves providing the clues to the true structural form.

Judge's comment:

The floors and internal walls and columns are in reinforced concrete, but the perimeter columns are constructed in solid load bearing stone. This ambitious use of a traditional material is made possible through a clear understanding of the load bearing properties of the stone, and careful detailing to transfer the loads from the floor into the columns, whilst maintaining the required thermal break across the fa├žade. The building is an example of well detailed structural design.

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