Astley Castle

Structural Designer

Price & Myers (Phase 2); Mann Williams (Phase 1)

Client Name

The Landmark Trust


Astley, United Kingdom

Images: © Helene Binet; Philip Vile


The Landmark Trust is well known for saving buildings apparently beyond hope.  But even by their standards Astley Castle looked a lost cause, the ruined remains of an 800 year old fortified manor house. 
The new house is a contemporary insertion into the oldest ruins.  Crumbling masonry was stabilised and new brickwork built in, matching the great thickness of the original with diaphragm walls.  The new floor and roof are in exposed timber, and there is a beautiful hanging timber staircase.  This is an outstanding example of the sensitive design and craftsmanship needed to give new life to old. 

Judge's comment:

This is a beautiful contemporary insertion of a new house into the crumbling remains of a derelict castle. The careful stabilisation of the old walls and the sensitive detailing of the new work show how the new can complement the old and give it new life.

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