New Construction and Remodelling of Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra Heidelberg

Structural Designer

Weischede, Herrmann und Partner

Client Name

Theater und Orchesterstiftung Heidelberg


Heidelberg, Germany

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The Theatre in Heidelberg was built in 1853, a two storey “shoebox” with a gallery.     The brief was to renovate the auditorium, lowering the floor by 0.6 metres, and attaching a new Rehearsal Hall to it.
The lowering of the floor and the removal of stair cores on both sides had to be done with great care to maintain the stability of the building.  Propping, demolition, and new work were meticulously sequenced. The new Rehearsal Hall is physically attached to provide stability, but acoustically separated, achieved by the use of elastomeric bearings.  This is difficult work very well planned and detailed.

Judge's comment:

An excellent example of considered restoration and alterations to a 19th century hall, which needed very careful sequencing to maintain the stability of the building.  The new Rehearsal Hall, connected to the old hall, but acoustically separated from it, required some original thought in the use of elastomeric bearings.

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