Gardens by the Bay

Structural Designer

Atelier One with Meinhardt Infrastructure

Client Name

Dr Tan Wee Kiat, National Parks, Singapore


Marina South, Singapore

Images: © Craig Sheppard, courtesy of Wilkinson Eyre; Darren Chin, courtesy of Grant Associates, Jordan Tan


The Gardens by the Bay project explores climate change and sustainability. An inventive method of cooling these conservatories in the Tropics using the cuttings from trees as biomass fuel led to the birth of Supertrees. These allow exhaust gasses to be released at high level, provide an outlet for steam from dehumidification and collect water and solar energy among their other uses. The huge glass gridshells are designed with a structural delicacy in order to allow maximum daylight penetration to the interior spaces for plant growth.  This has been achieved with an external arched supporting structure, carefully shaped to provide minimum impact on the light.

Judge's comment:

The judges are impressed by the originality and true sustainability of such a striking feat of engineering. Exhibitions within the conservatory explaining the effects of climate change on life on our planet educate visitors and help build worldwide awareness of sustainability.

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