Tsingtao Pearl Visitor Centre

Structural Designer

Fast + Epp

Client Name

China Vanke Co. Ltd


Qingdao, China

Images: © Benjamin Zhuang; StructureCraft Builders


This is a high profile project that uses wood in an innovative way to create an exciting piece of Architecture. Using timber from a managed renewable source, it capitalises on its low-embodied energy and carbon-sequestering capabilities. The structural design incorporates a green roof on a warped timber plate constructed with straight timbers. This is supported on clusters of prefabricated timber columns together with a filigree cable-net assembly which enlivens the enclosed space below.

Judge's comment:

The judges were impressed by the Tsingtao Pearl Visitor Center as they felt it tells a fantastic sustainable story, not only in the structure, but as the building itself acts as a showcase for timber construction. This is a great example of collaboration.