432 Park Avenue

Structural Designer


Client Name

CIM Group / Macklowe Properties


New York, USA


ARCHITECT: Rafael Vinoly Architects


This 28.5m x 28.5m footprint, 96-storey, 426m-high building with a 15:1 slenderness ratio is the world’s 15th tallest building and tallest residential tower in the Western hemisphere. Such a slim construction is achieved by an unconventional, elegant structural system balancing height, wind resistance and building sway.

Judge's comment:

432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere and extremely slender. Its ultra-luxurious apartments dictated that vibrations and movements needed to be kept to a minimum, even in such a slim building.

Structural innovation was required to reduce vibrations and sway, with the central lift-shaft core of the building being connected to the outer perimeter of columns using major double-storey, deep connection structures intermittently up its height at every 12th floor.

The entire structure is made of white concrete, cast on site as the building progressed upwards. Near the top of the building are two 590-tonne masses which are placed in perfect position to help ensure that the building does not sway too much laterally under wind loading. In order to further reduce wind loading, the building is opened to the elements over two storeys five times throughout the height of the building. These structural engineering innovations ensure that the building is as stiff as possible when the wind blows.

432 Park Avenue makes maximum use of its relatively modest footprint in order to house some of the most luxurious apartments at extraordinary height in New York, while ensuring that the occupants do not feel vibrations or sway. This represents structural engineering excellence.

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