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The restoration and conversion of a disused water tower into a new home. The rusty panelised steel tank forms the living room, while a continuous ribbon window gives a panoramic view of the flat horizon and swaying barley field. Suspended below the tank are two bedrooms and a ground floor garden room. A cross-laminated timber stair tower provides access and acts as a compression spiral to lend stability to the steel tank frame.

Submitted in 2021

Judge's comment:

The transformation of Castle Acre Water Tower into a residential home is undoubtably a passion project. 

The introduction of three storeys of accommodation within the four columns supporting the water tank, together with the removal of the water and dividing wall within the tank created the living spaces and significantly increased the exposure of the structure.

The use of cross laminated timber not only provided the means of forming the floor walls and ceilings but provided lateral stability to the existing structure. The in-plane stiffness of the cross laminated walls together with the plate action of the floors allowed one elevation of the home to be fully glazed. 

Horizontal props at first and second floor levels at each corner transfer wind load from the steel structure to the cross laminated floor and wall panels but allow relative movement between the two structures.

This charming project has taken a dilapidated hundred-year-old structure and transformed it into a unique living space, extending its life by at least thirty years. 

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