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It is estimated that 500 masonry arch bridges in the UK are too low for Network Rail’s electrification programme. A cost-effective solution is required to avoid the demolition of hundreds of overbridges. In 2014, Freyssinet took part in RSSB’s Avoidance of Bridge Reconstruction competition joining forces with masonry arch expert, Bill Harvey, to explore the feasibility of vertically jacking bridge arches. The resulting ElevArch® concept was selected as one of four to advance into phase two of the competition - the full-scale demonstrator. This cutting-edge technique and sustainable solution for jacking rail masonry arch structures avoids unnecessary demolition and reconstruction for electrification schemes throughout the UK.


Judge's comment:

One of the challenges of electrification of our railways is the height under many old bridges. There are about 500 masonry arch bridges in the UK that are too low to allow the electrification of the railway that runs under them. There are countless others throughout the world. Demolition and rebuilding is one way of increasing the headroom, as is lowering of the tracks. Both are costly in terms of direct financial costs and indirect financial costs from track closures.

ElevArch is a brilliant and innovative scheme for raising the original bridge to the required new level. The masonry is cut through at the springing of the arch to separate it from the abutments, and the bridge is then jacked up to provide the necessary clearance. The scheme was developed by Freyssinet, who are experts in the jacking of heavy structures, and Bill Harvey, who is an expert on masonry arches. This is a highly cost-effective solution to the problem of increasing the clearance under masonry bridges.

The ElevArch® technique is not expected to completely replace bridge reconstruction or track lowering, but rather create a third option when the situation is appropriate. The value to the rail network providers is considerable given the number of sites where it can be applied. In addition to financial advantages, it offers value to client and society in the form of avoiding demolition of attractive Listed structures.

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