Retention and Relocation of Façade at Chenil House

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Considine Consulting

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CIT Developments


Relocating the Dutch Gable façade of a 120 year old house in Chelsea provides a considerable engineering challenge; doing it whilst also removing the supporting structure and thus having to provide a temporary retention system, made it unique.

The structural engineer's solution was to arrange for the retention system to be part of the slide. This structure was required both to brace the gable and to accommodate the reactions generated by the sliding operation; a highly ingenious solution.

Judge's comment:

"Engineering is often referred to as problem solving; relocating a 120 year old façade whilst providing temporary support called for the solution of numerous interacting problems - in a public place and within a short timeframe. Through careful analysis of both the bracing requirements and the sliding operation, Considine Consulting devised a combined scheme that demonstrates the value of good structural engineering.

Thorough understanding of the requirements together with comprehensive knowledge of the techniques available, have combined in this impressive demonstration of the art of structural engineering."

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