KREOD Pavilion

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Pavilion Architecture


London, United Kingdom


The KREOD Pavilion represents a new approach to the difficult problem of creating a functional, demountable enclosure in an attractive, interesting and sustainable way. The external structure is of hexagonally-arranged timber members and is analysed, designed and manufactured by taking full advantage of state of the art 3D modelling. The points of incidence of the connection nodes have been cunningly separated to minimise local stresses, and to enable the skew-cutting and practical assembly of different elements without the need for additional bracketry – achieving a gracefully curved overall geometry.

Judge's comment:

Once in a while developing new techniques and processes, coupled with imaginative and perceptive engineering skills, allow the realisation of a design that previously would not have been feasible or financially viable. Though temporary by nature, the KREOD Pavilion is a seminal structure, demonstrating the possibilities of the exo-skeletal approach to permanent habitable buildings of the future.

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