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fibUK concrete award

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Celebrate the art and science of concrete and showcase its use in design or construction to produce efficient solutions.

This award from fibUK showcases how structural concrete is used in design or construction.

Entries: Design a poster describing your interesting application of concrete and how it solved a design or construction problem. The solution can be part of a large or small project in the field of building or civil engineering that is ongoing or has been completed within the last 24 months. Judges will consider both new applications and familiar applications executed to a high standard.

Entries might include:

  • Project technical innovations

  • Developing or exploiting new construction techniques

  • Producing highly optimised designs

  • Examples of overcoming complex design challenges

Entries may:

  • Cover aspects of research, design, assessment or construction

  • Provide details of the whole project or focus on specific aspects where concrete has enabled or contributed to the success of the solution

Judging criteria:

  • Relevancy of subject matter to improving professional practice

  • Usefulness and relevance of the information presented on the poster 

Where applicable entries should highlight aspects of the project that contribute to addressing global challenges such as reducing the consumption of natural resources, addressing climate change and improving the resilience of our infrastructure.

To note: Judges will not provide feedback to applicants.

How to enter

Submit a poster as a PDF file: on a single A3 page, with a word count in the range of 500 to 1000 words, a total maximum file size of 20MB.

Your poster should include:

  • Title (encapsulating your solution)

  • Your name

  • A short statement describing your design/construction project or research question

  • Text/sketches/photos/key details explaining the interesting aspects of the solution and its use of concrete