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Associate-Member and Technician IPD

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Information and guidance for those applying for the Associate-Member PRI or Technician Membership.

Candidates who are applying for either the Associate-Member PRI or Technician Membership will need to collate their documents using the appropriate forms below. Updates to the IPD Regulations for both grades of membership are due towards the end of 2023/early 2024 but all applications made until such changes are implemented will be required to use the 12/13 Core Objectives (as applicable).

All applications must contain a two-page experience report from and the completed IPD final report forms for each Core Objective. Through completion of your IPD final report forms and portfolio you need to demonstrate the following standards for the relevant objective:

Appreciation – understanding of how the subject may affect, or integrate, with other subjects

Knowledge – understanding of the subject and its application

Experience – able to perform independently or under supervision

Ability – able to perform independently and competence to advise others

Applications for the next PRI session will open in early June and close on 1 September 2023.

Apply for the Associate-Member PRI

Technician Member applications can be submitted at any time of the year.

Apply to become a Technician Member