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Technical Guidance Notes (Level 2)

The Institution's Technical Guidance Notes have been conceived to provide technical guidance to both undergraduates and those in the early stages of their careers.

Experienced Technicians may also find these notes helpful when looking to develop a greater understanding of structural design.

The notes are intended to be easily accessible and, together, to form the foundation of a personal technical reference library which can be continuously referred to.

Level 2 guides build on what has been described previously in the Level 1 series. The topics covered at Level 2 are of a more complex nature, as they typically deal with the design of elements as opposed to core concepts such as loading and stability. As such, the amount of prior knowledge the reader is assumed to have is at the very least the contents of relevant Level 1 notes.

Members can download the notes below. Non-members can also purchase the notes from the Institution bookshop.

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