Winner 2011

Award for
Sports or Leisure Structures

Project Description

This project involved a 51,700 seat rugby and football stadium in Dublin, Ireland with unique, site responsive geometry optimised for a wide variety of complex and altering constraints. The bowl shape, the roof and the façade envelope were seamlessly developed using parametric modelling to create the form that is unique to the Aviva Stadium. The engineering design includes an innovative steel roof with a unique horseshoe truss, over 20 major transfer structures, a dramatic RC frame geometry with cantilevering floor plates and inclined blade columns, and six RC stability cores resisting the very large overturning forces.

Judge’s comments

"Aviva Stadium has, beyond doubt, given Dublin a highly distinctive and innovative international sporting arena. Its shimmering, largely transparent form sits comfortably, yet boldly on the historic Lansdowne Road site."

Project overview

Client Name

  • Lansdowne Road Stadium Development Company

Year Submitted

  • 2011