The Structural Awards have celebrated the very best in structural engineering worldwide since 1968.

Past winners have included iconic structures such as Heathrow Terminal 5 and the Sydney Opera House. Some recent winners are showcased below.



Front shot of Apple Marina Bay Sands project taken at night.
2021 Construction Innovation Winner

Apple Marina Bay Sands

  • Structural Designer - Eckersley O'Callaghan / Foster + Partners
  • Location - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Wide shot of the Ashworth centre on a sunny day
2021 Structural Transformation Winner

Ashworth Centre and Library Extension – Lincoln's Inn Fields

  • Structural Designer - Eckersley O'Callaghan
  • Location - London, UK
Wide shot outside the Atrio north tower on a sunny day
2021 Structures in Extreme Conditions Winner

Atrio North Tower

  • Structural Designer - Arup / PYD (Engineer of Record)
  • Location - Bogotá, Colombia
Indoor wide shot of Christchurch Town Hall forum
2021 Supreme Award Winner | Structural Heritage winner

Christchurch Town Hall

  • Structural Designer - Holmes Consulting LP
  • Location - Christchurch, New Zealand
Outdoor ground level shot in-between rail tracks of the Elizabeth Line gantry
2021 Minimal Structural Intervention Winner

Elizabeth Line OLE Gantry Rigorous Assessments

  • Structural Designer - Buro Happold
  • Location - London, UK
Outdoor daytime long shot of the Future Tree project
2021 Structural Artistry (non building structures) Winner

Future Tree

  • Structural Designer - Basler & Hofmann AG, Consulting Engineers
  • Location - Esslingen, Switzerland
Shot of waterfall and trees inside the Jewel Changi Airport
2021 Long Span Structures Winner

Jewel Changi Airport

  • Structural Designer - Buro Happold
  • Location - Changi, Singapore
Entrance to the King's Scholars Pond Sewer
2021 Construction Innovation Commended

King’s Scholars Pond Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Structural Designer - Transport for London
  • Location - London, UK
Night time close up shot of the Lille Langebro bridge
2021 Supreme Award Winner | Pedestrian Bridges Winner

Lille Langebro

  • Structural Designer - Buro Happold
  • Location - Copenhagen, Denmark
Stair case shot of four people inside the Oregon forest science complex
2021 Zero Carbon Ambition Commended

Oregon Forest Science Complex

  • Structural Designer - Equilibrium Consulting Inc
  • Location - Oregon, USA
Night time shot at the side of the Daly bridge at sunset
2021 Structural Heritage Commended

Repair and Rehabilitation of Daly's (Shakey) Bridge

  • Structural Designer - RPS Consulting Engineers Ltd
  • Location - Cork, Ireland
Night time shot of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy bridge
2021 Vehicle Bridges Winner

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge over the River Barrow

  • Structural Designer - Arup / Carlos Fernandez Casado S.L.
  • Location - Wexford and Kilkenny, Ireland
Day time front-facing shot of the waterside area at the Shijiazuang International Convention and Exhibition Center
2021 Long Span Structures Commended

Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Structural Designer - Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University
  • Location - Shijiazhuang, China
Inside narrow shot of seating in the Stroud Christian community chapel
2021 Small Projects of under £3 million Commended

Stroud Christian Community Chapel

  • Structural Designer - Corbett & Tasker Ltd
  • Location - Gloucestershire, UK
Entrance to the swing bridge in Crystal Palace park
2021 Pedestrian Bridges Commended

Swing Bridge to Dinosaur Island

  • Structural Designer - Arup
  • Location - London, UK
Water side shot of the Close up of the Wide aerial day time shot of the Taiyuan botanical garden dome
2021 Structural Artistry (building structures) Winner

Taiyuan Botanical Garden Domes

  • Structural Designer - Arcplus Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design & Research (Co.,Ltd) / StructureCraft
  • Location - Taiyuan, China
Wide angle ground shot looking up at the Viper elevated walkway at the Newt in Somerset
2021 Structural Projects of under £3 million Winner

The Viper Elevated Walkway at the Newt in Somerset

  • Structural Designer - Henry Fagan & Partners
  • Location - Castle Cary, UK
Night time long distance shot of the Tianjin CTF Finance Center
2021 Tall or Slender Structures Winner

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

  • Structural Designer - Skidmore, Owings & Merrill & ECADI
  • Location - Tianjin, China
Roof top decking area at York House
2021 Zero Carbon Ambition Winner

York House

  • Structural Designer - Webb Yates Engineers
  • Location - London, UK


Please note: due to COVID-19 restrictions the Structural Awards were not held in 2020, although a gallery of project entries was published online in Autumn 2020. These entries were subsequently considered for shortlisting and an award in 2021.


Cityscape shot, including the CITIC Tower, in Beijing
2019 Tall or Slender Structures Winner


  • Structural Designer - Arup / Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
  • Location - Beijing, China
Wide angle shot at dusk of the Coal Drops Yard in London
2019 Structural Transformation Winner

Coal Drops Yard

  • Structural Designer - Arup
  • Location - London, UK
Wide angle shot of construction of the Kienlesberg Bridge
2019 Vehicle Bridges Winner

Kienlesberg Bridge

  • Structural Designer - KREBS + KIEFER
  • Location - Ulm, Germany
Day time shot looking up at La Reference
2019 Sustainability Winner

La Reference

  • Structural Designer - Eckersley O'Callaghan
  • Location - Ganthier, Haiti
Outside day time shot of the exterior of the Millet Vinegar Museum
2019 Small projects (of under £3 million) Winner

Millet Vinegar Museum

  • Structural Designer - Tianjin University Research Institute of Architectural Design & Urban Planning
  • Location - Zibo, China
Interior shot looking up at the roof in the Morpheus Hotel
2019 Construction Innovation Winner

Morpheus Hotel

  • Structural Designer - Buro Happold Engineering
  • Location - Macau, China
Interior wide angle shot of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium
2019 Supreme Award Winner | Long Span Structures Winner

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

  • Structural Designer - Buro Happold Engineering / Schlaich Bergermann Partner
  • Location - London, UK
Side-on day time shot of the Newquay Harper Footbridge
2019 Structural Heritage Winner

Newquay Harper Footbridge

  • Structural Designer - Free4m Consulting Ltd
  • Location - Newquay, UK
Exterior shot of the entrance of the Qingdao world expo city
2019 Structural Artistry (building structures) Winner

Qingdao World Expo City

  • Structural Designer - China Architecture Design & Research Group
  • Location - Qingdao, China
Shot of the Tanxishan glass landscape pedestrian bridge
2019 Pedestrian Bridge Winner

Tanxishan Glass Landscape Pedestrian Bridge

  • Structural Designer - Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., LTD
  • Location - Zibo, China
Outside wide angle shot of the Turanga at dusk
2019 Structures in Extreme Conditions Winner


  • Structural Designer - Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers
  • Location - Christchurch, New Zealand
Interior shot looking up to the sky within the Vessel
2019 Structural Artistry (non building structures) Winner


  • Structural Designer - AKT II
  • Location - New York, USA