Winner 2015

Award for
Arts or Entertainment Structures

Project Description

The Vegas High Roller is the current Guinness World Record Holder for the tallest observation wheel. Standing at 168 metres tall, it is a major new landmark for Las Vegas, and the key feature in a new pedestrian street development in the city. The wheel carries 28 fully air conditioned, spherical cabins. It is the first giant observation wheel not to use a truss for the rim, but a single, tubular chord - a more elegant and distinctive structural solution which minimises views of the structure, providing passengers with a unique floating sensation.

Judge’s comments

The judges were impressed by two aspects of this engineering feat. Firstly, the logical development of Giant Observation Wheels from a three chord rim in London to a two chord rim in Singapore and now, the ultimate, a single tube at Las Vegas. And secondly, the rigour and diligence of engineering the mechanical details and fatigue resistance throughout.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Arup

Client Name

  • Ceasars Entertainment


  • Las Vegas, United States of America


  • The Hettema Group

Key Contractors

  • Reference Design (wheel structure, boarding platform, cabins and drive system): Arup

    Project Manager: Caesars Entertainment

    Theme Design and Architect: The Hettema Group

    Wheel Strcuture: American Bridge Company

    Drive System: Schwager Davis Inc

    Cabins: Leitner-Poma of America

    Boarding Platforms: WA Richardson Builders

Year Submitted

  • 2015

Submitted By

  • Arup