Entering the Structural Awards 2024 is an easy 3 step process

The Structural Awards are open to entries from around the world and projects of all sizes.

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Entry guidelines

Step 1 - Complete the online entry form

Use the link above to tell us the key information about your project. The form takes approx. 10 mimutes to  complete. Once you have completed the entry form, you will receive a unique Entry ID.
IMPORTANT: you must have obtained permission from all parties involved with the project before starting an

Step 2 -  Submit your written report and supporting documents

You will need to complete and submit a written report using the template provided to tell the judges about your project. Photos, drawings or sketches can be included within this report to support and illustrate your entry.

Each project will be judged solely on the information provided in the written submission and supporting documents. The report should detail the structural engineering characteristics of the project and explain why you think the project deserves to win a Structural Award. 

The report is structured as 5 questions:
  1. Detailed project description. Please tell us the story of your project. (mandatory)
  2. How does this project demonstrate structural engineering excellence through its response to the impact that it will have had on our planet? (mandatory)
  3. How does the structural engineering of this project demonstrate excellence in terms of its impact on the people involved with the project, and the end-users of the project?
  4. How do the processes behind the structural design and/or construction of this project demonstrate excellence?
  5. How has this project advanced the structural engineering profession?

The maximum word count for the written report is 1750 words. You can choose to focus on one attribute or address as many you wish to.

To facilitate ‘blind’ judging please do not include your company name in the written submission.

Please also submit:
  • A completed cover sheet using the provided template.
  • At least 10 high quality photographs of the project. Each photo must be uploaded as a single image file but can also be added into the written report where relevant.
  • At least two full page engineering drawings showing the general arrangement and typical sections and/or details of the structure
  • Links to any video files that provide context for the project.
  • Carbon calculations using The Structural Awards Carbon Tool provided

Step 3 - Pay the entry fee 

Paying your entry fee online is simple.

You will need to login to your IStructE website account, or create a new account if you don’t already have one.

The entry fee per project is £275 + VAT. It can be paid online using a VISA or Mastercard or you can request an invoice.

NB: Please contact the Events team at [email protected] if the entry fee poses a barrier to your entry, we would be happy to discuss financial support available.

Please note that entry fees are non-refundable.

Pay now

Deadline for entries

All three steps must be completed by 17:00 BST on 19 April 2024 for your entry to be considered by the judging panel.