Structural engineers play a vital role in disaster mitigation and recovery, for example designing buildings and other infrastructure that can withstand extreme weather and seismic events. Find out more about this side of engineering.

Learn how strengthening an existing building can enable changes of use, achieve compliance with modern building codes, resist a previously unforeseen environmental load or increase resilience.
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EEFIT Haiti mission report

Watch EEFIT’s response to the Haitian earthquake and the combined remote work with local partners in the field.

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<h4>Partial collapse of the outer skin of a cavity wall</h4>

Partial collapse of the outer skin of a cavity wall

This CROSS Safety Alert deals with the aftermath of the collapse of part the outer skin of a cavity wall at Oxgangs Primary School Edinburgh.

<h4>Roof collapse due to rainwater ponding</h4>

Roof collapse due to rainwater ponding

This CROSS report highlights the structural risk caused by rainwater ponding on relatively flat roofs.