The Climate Emergency Task Group leads the Institution's response to climate breakdown.

Their 2020 report comes at a pivotal moment for our industry.

The report presents an overview of the group’s work in 2020. It also sets out their ambitions for 2021. It’s full of inspiration for those who want to do more to tackle the climate emergency.
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How to calculate embodied carbon

This calculator will help you to quantify the environmental impact of your work. Reducing embodied carbon is key to tackling the climate emergency.


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<h4>Setting carbon targets</h4>

Setting carbon targets

Find out more about SCORS, a proposed carbon rating scheme for structures. It’s designed to help engineers to communicate the impact of their designs, and agree carbon targets for their projects.

<h4>Climate emergency conference 2020</h4>

Climate emergency conference 2020

We have a YouTube playlist of all the highlights from our 2020 climate emergency conference. The speakers discuss how we can all move towards more responsible practice.