Structural engineers play a vital role in looking after buildings and transport structures. Demands on our current infrastructure are constantly changing as populations grow, technology develops and the climate crisis gets worse. Engineers are developing pioneering ways of getting the most from existing structures through retrofit, refurbishment and rehabilitation. Find out how in our range of articles, videos, events, and more.

Nothing is better than something. Tim Ibell, James Norman and Oliver Broadbent challenge structural engineers to steer their clients away from a presumption of a new building.
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<h4>Recreating History – The Christchurch Town Hall Reinstatement</h4>

Recreating History – The Christchurch Town Hall Reinstatement

Hear how Holmes Consulting used high end analysis to minimise the strengthening work required for the Christchurch Town Hall superstructure.

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<h4>An Introduction to Refurbishment - Part 1</h4>

An Introduction to Refurbishment - Part 1

Identifying opportunities at the feasibility stage. Stephen Fernandez discusses ways in which engineers can explore the potential to refurbish existing buildings instead of demolishing and building anew.

<h4>An Introduction to Refurbishment - Part 2</h4>

An Introduction to Refurbishment - Part 2

Maximising the opportunities at the design stage. Stephen Fernandez guides readers through the key design areas that offer refurbishment opportunities when working on an existing building.

Discover the engineering that's keeping London traffic moving over one of the world's oldest suspension bridges
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