Digital engineering

It has never been more important for structural engineers to be competent in the use of digital tools and demonstrate an awareness of the potential risks and opportunities digital systems can bring.

The influence of the digital world is increasing its impact on those involved with the built environment, whilst our capability to exploit data to inform designs and push the boundaries of what is possible is at the heart of structural engineering.

As our ability to monitor, record, extract and extrapolate information on the performance of our structures continues to improve there is a growing need to better understand how best to use the information. 

The use of big data and AI tools are emerging challenges for the industry. It is the ability to understand and manipulate information with computational tools which may transform the role of structural engineers. 

An increasingly online world requires robust digital security to mitigate potential infiltration of digital systems and the harm that could be caused to our infrastructure, whether it be financial damage, intellectual property infringement, criminal activity or terrorism. 

Featured events and resources

An image from a 2017 lecture showing computational design of a structure

Computational design

Tristan Simmonds explores his engineering work on sculptural projects including the 2015 Milan Expo UK Pavilion ‘Hive’.

Date ‐ 29 May 2018
Price ‐ Free
An image of structures on a roof

Awareness of scripting

A brief overview of the various tools and techniques available for scripting within structural design.

Date ‐ 19 January 2018
Price ‐ Free
<h4>Combining design and digital fabrication</h4>

Combining design and digital fabrication

How to integrate design, structural engineering and fabrication via digital workflows.

Date ‐ 7 December 2018
Author ‐ David Knight MIStructE
Price ‐ Free
Woodchip Barn's timber roof structure

Digital fabrication

How digital fabrication is transforming the way we construct the built environment.

Date ‐ 24 January 2018
Price ‐ Free

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