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Structural Futures Committee

Structural Futures Committee

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Our Structural Futures Committee studies trends that may impact the structural engineering profession and develops related resources and events.

The Committee considers how structural engineering's approach, skills and knowledge base will need to change in response to an evolving industry. This is achieved by working closely with the Engineering Leadership Group to determine strategic priorities: how, where and when to supply members with related resources, training and events. Topics include:

  • Evolving technologies
  • The climate emergency
  • The role of the structural engineer in the future

The Committee also provides direction and oversight to the Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel.


Committee structure:

The constitution of the Committee aims to reflect the diversity of the Institutions membership and to provide different perspectives.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Chair of the reporting Panel
  • Up to 28 other members (including members of various grades and those based in different locations)

Get involved:

We invite expressions of interest in Committee membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Members of the Committee are expected to fully participate in supporting and driving the Committee's activities forward.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the activities of the group, and you will be expected to do some work outside the meetings, for example drafting or reviewing guidance and keeping up to date on the latest developments around the topics the Committee is involved with.

The Committee meet four times a year. A maximum of one meeting will be in person at Institution HQ, whilst all other meetings are held online. Online access to meetings is always available.

Contact the committee if you have questions about their work.

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Featured events and resources

The Structural Engineer
Blockchain technology illustration

Rebuilding trust with blockchain technology

Alastair Low-Macrae argues that blockchain technology may hold the key to some of the issues around trust and transparency that the industry is currently grappling with, particularly in the context of BIM.

Date – 1 February 2022
Author – Alastair Low-Macrae
Price – £10
Blue abstract blocks

The ACORN, the SQUIRREL and the OAK

The poster of the 2021 Coolest Concrete Award winner, Robin Oval, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge.

Date – 7 February 2022
Author – Robin Oval
Price – Free
Blue abstract blocks

Thin-shell textile reinforced concrete floors for low-carbon buildings

The poster of the 2020 Coolest Concrete Award runner up, Will Hawkins.

Date – 7 February 2022
Author – Will Hawkins
Price – Free
Blue abstract blocks

Circular economy panel debate

A technical debate around practical approaches towards implementing the circular economy within structural engineering and the construction industry.

Date – 7 January 2022
Author – Laura Batty, Andrea Charlson, Penny Gowler and Charlie Wedgwood
Price – 0
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: Embracing probability: could big data spell the end of safety factors as we know them?</h4>

Viewpoint: Embracing probability: could big data spell the end of safety factors as we know them?

Arthur Coates calls on structural engineers to push for the adoption of post-monitoring sensors to provide better data on building performance and, ultimately, more accurate loading predictions.

Date – 31 March 2021
Author – Arthur Coates
Price – £10
View of a complex road junction from above

Should COVID-19 change society's direction of travel?

What we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic? Kate Leighton gives an opinion from a UK perspective.

Date – 30 March 2020
Author – Kate Leighton FIStructE
Price – 0
Homes in Goldsmith Street, Norwich

Innovation in house design

Richard Lankshear MIStructE discusses the Stirling Prize winning Goldsmith Street and how evolving home design will require the specialist skills of the structural engineer.

Date – 11 October 2019
Author – Richard Lankshear MIStructE
Price – 0
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: Which way now for codes and standards: Prescription, performance-based or what?</h4>

Viewpoint: Which way now for codes and standards: Prescription, performance-based or what?

Stuart Matthews considers the potential benefits – and difficulties – of developing performance- or outcomes-based codes of practice and standards.

Date – 1 May 2019
Author – Stuart Matthews
Price – £10

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Related resources and events

Amesbury School detail

Eurocode 5: the essentials of timber design

This one-day, online course offers an introduction to timber design to Eurocode 5.

Date – 18 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
Looking up to glass roof within a building

Understanding structural behaviour

This two-day course shows engineers how to arrive at a qualitative solution to both create a structure and check computational results.

Date – 15 October 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
Price – £515 - £765 + VAT
Group of people sat around board room table

SME business practice conference 2024

A hands-on conference, tailored to SME owners, equipping SME practitioners with a comprehensive toolkit to capitalise on emerging industry priorities and maximise business potential.

Date – 10 October 2024
Location – Institution of Structural Engineers international HQ
Price – £55 - £325 + VAT
<h4>Reclaiming the air (sponsored content)</h4>

Reclaiming the air (sponsored content)

This afternoon's webinar, sponsored by Getzner, explores a detailed case study on innovative vibration isolation solutions and structural design challenges in Boston’s first air rights project in over 30 years.

Date – 19 September 2024
Location – Online
Price – Free
<h4>Metallic bridge fatigue – experimental testing and numerical analysis</h4>

Metallic bridge fatigue – experimental testing and numerical analysis

The talk will present an overview of the outcomes of a four year research programme that has been carried out at the University of Surrey funded by Network Rail.

Date – 9 September 2024
Location – University of Surrey
Price – Free
People are sitting in an auditorium. Copyright: Stop Talking Photography, 2017

Young engineers conference 2024

Bringing together the next generation of construction leaders, this popular annual conference focuses on resilient structural engineering and making a positive impact.

Date – 19 July 2024
Location – Chartered Accountants House, Dublin & Online
Price – £15 - £65
A image of a person holding a digital pen sketching on a Pad device.

Digital in discussion: do digital design tools compromise creativity?

An expert panel discusses whether structural engineers should fully embrace automated design tools, or if it compromises creativity and expertise.

Date – 8 July 2024
Author – Various
Price – Free
<h4>Assessment of existing structures safety tool</h4>

Assessment of existing structures safety tool

This technical lecture introduces a new assessment tool for those involved in checking and renovating existing building structures.

Date – 5 July 2024
Author – Various
Price – Free
The Structural Engineer
Two images side by side showing Pyne Gould building collapse comparison between real (left) and simulated (right) collapse shape

Spotlight on Structures (July 2024)

This article reveals the winning papers for the Structures prizes 2024: Best Research Paper and Best Research into Practice Paper. It also highlights the Editor's Featured Article for Volume 62.

Date – 1 July 2024
Author – The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price – £0