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On this page are details for mentees about how to find a mentor, alongside information for qualified members on registering your interest to become a mentor.

Finding a mentor

Are you looking for a mentor to help you with your professional opportunities and challenges? If so, then we can help you find one.

Mentors for membership and IPD

Mentors guide you towards Associate, Chartered, Technician and Incorporated Membership as part of your Initial Professional Development (IPD), helping you develop and meet the core objectives related to each grade of membership.

Mentors for career development

Mentors can also help you with your career direction and growth, with project work, or with areas of study. They can help grow your knowledge.
It’s important when working with a mentor to agree the areas you wish to explore together, so think carefully about what you want to achieve and agree it with them.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor should be a professionally qualified member or someone of equivalent standing – this is especially important for routes to membership and IPD.
Being mentored is an effective way to progress your career by accessing the knowledge and experience of a senior engineering professional. You can have more than one mentor if you wish. Download the Mentor Handbook and share this with the senior engineers you have agreed to work with through your journey to professional registration.

Tips for making the most of your mentor
  • Set a regular time for meetings

  • Maintain regular contact

  • Prepare for your meetings: plan or structure the discussion around the issues you want to cover

  • Respect your mentor’s time: give notice if you need to cancel a meeting and be reasonable about contact during the working day or personal time

  • Be open to suggestions and trying new things: tell your mentor if you acted on their advice, and what the outcome was

  • Give your mentor feedback: it’s essential for a successful relationship.

Need advice finding a mentor

Contact [email protected]

Register your interest to become a mentor

The definition of a mentor is “an experienced and trusted adviser”.
Our 2024 President, Tanya de Hoog, is a passionate advocate for mentoring, saying: “When we mentor people we get so much back ourselves because that relationship is also about knowledge transfer.”

Mentoring for paths to membership 

If you're a qualified member, being a mentor is a valuable way to share your expertise and help someone on their path to membership, to help them develop and meet the core objectives related to our membership grades.

Mentoring for development and knowledge exchange

While mentoring for paths to membership is important, it can also be about offering mentees support for other areas of their development and technical excellence.
For example, you can mentor someone to guide them through career challenges and opportunities, or to assist them with their competence and knowledge. It’s about sharing your expertise and ideas to help someone grow.
Mentoring offers myriad opportunities for all involved, helping the mentee to evolve and grow. That’s why we’re asking for people to register their interest in being a mentor. This is so we can gauge the appetite for a more formal programme in 2024.


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