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Our busy international events programme provides great opportunities for members to network with peers and develop their knowledge.


face-to-face events are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore our expanding range of online events, including webinars, for other CPD opportunities.

CPD courses, conferences and other face-to-face events will resume in the autumn.

We offer a programme of events at HQ and around the world including:
and trained tailoring for structural engineers including:

Upcoming events and training courses

<h4>Eurocode courses: steel design - Eurocode 3</h4>

Eurocode courses: steel design - Eurocode 3

A series of courses on the Eurocodes run with the University of the West of England.

Date ‐ 21 April 2021
Price ‐ From £200
looking up to a suspension bridge tower

Conceptual design for structural engineers: an introduction (online)

A series of two hour interactive online courses taking place over four weeks, supported by individual study in between.

Date ‐ 4 May 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
<h4>Effective marketing for SMEs (Online)</h4>

Effective marketing for SMEs (Online)

During this hands-on half day seminar you will learn a practical business growth system and marketing best practices.

Date ‐ 5 May 2021
Price ‐ £145 - £235
<h4>The drawing gym for engineers (online)</h4>

The drawing gym for engineers (online)

An online three day course dedicated to improving your sketching abilities and techniques.

Date ‐ 5 May 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
brick factory

Eurocode 6: masonry design (Online)

This course provides participants with detailed knowledge of masonry design to Eurocode 6, standards and the National Annexes for Eurocodes.

Date ‐ 13 May 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
Looking up to glass roof within a building

Understanding structural behaviour (Online)

This two day course shows engineers how to arrive at an approximate analysis to both create a structure and check computer results.

Date ‐ 17 May 2021
Price ‐ £415 - £635
Aluminium airport bridge

Eurocode 9: design of aluminium structures (online)

This online course focuses on the use of structural aluminium, introducing basic considerations and giving guidance on using Eurocode 9. It includes design examples.

Date ‐ 18 May 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
Exam preparation
<h4>Exam preparation course (online)</h4>

Exam preparation course (online)

Prepare for the Chartered Membership Exam and gainc onfidence with this three day course lead by marking examiners.

Date ‐ 24 May 2021
Price ‐ £555 - £635
building being demolished

Designing for blast resilience and resistance (Online)

This course demonstrates how significant blast resilience and resistance is possible with careful design, planning and detailing of a structure.

Date ‐ 8 June 2021
Price ‐ £255 - £395
Structure partly collapsed upon itself

Seismic design of structures (Online)

This course introduces seismic design of civil engineering structures. It builds on the basics of structural dynamics and engineering seismology.

Date ‐ 10 June 2021
Price ‐ £415 - £635
Presenting work at the 2018 Young Researchers Conference

Presentation skills for engineers (Online)

This highly practical two day course helps engineers develop presentation skills through practical exercises and feedback. .

Date ‐ 10 June 2021
Price ‐ £545 - £835
<h4>Expert witness: an introduction (online)</h4>

Expert witness: an introduction (online)

This online course is a comprehensive introduction to the roles and responsibilities of an Expert. The practical training concentrates on the Expert’s Report and preparation for going into court.

Date ‐ 14 June 2021
Price ‐ £495 - £655

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