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Our busy international events programme provides great opportunities for members to network with peers and develop their knowledge.


face-to-face events are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore our expanding range of online events, including webinars, for other CPD opportunities.

CPD courses, conferences and other face-to-face events will resume in the autumn.

We offer a programme of events at HQ and around the world including:
and trained tailoring for structural engineers including:

Upcoming events and training courses

<h4>Effective marketing for SMEs (online)</h4>

Effective marketing for SMEs (online)

Master the practicalities of effective marketing for SMEs in this online course.

Date - 21 October 2020
Price - £125 - £195
stadium bowl with blue sky

Stadium design (online)

This online course demonstrates the similarities between stadium engineering and other types of design, while stressing the importance of the Class 3 structure review regulations and the critical compliance with stadium design guides.

Date - 22 October 2020
Price - £265 - £375
Amesbury School detail

Eurocode 5: The essentials of timber design (online)

This online course offers an introduction to base and loadings Eurocodes and timber design to Eurocode 5.

Date - 26 October 2020
Price - £295 - £375
wood and timber connection

Eurocode 5: Connections and advanced topics in timber design (online)

This online course introduces advanced topics in timber design to Eurocode 5, including fasteners and connectors.

Date - 27 October 2020
Price - £295 - £375
steel bridge

Design of steel bridges (online)

This two day course covers the design and analysis of steel bridges to Eurocodes with worked examples, including steel bridge detailing and fabrication.

Date - 2 November 2020
Price - £425 - £615
Workshop underway at the 2017 Young Engineers Conference

Writing skills for engineers (online)

This online course helps you improve the quality of your written reports and reduce how much time you spend writing.

Date - 9 November 2020
Price - £295 - £445
<h4>SER Certification</h4>

SER Certification

Join us at this November event to find out about the Structural Engineers Registration (SER) certification scheme for the design of building structures in Scotland.

Date - 10 November 2020
Location - Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue
Price - £150.00
<h4>Expert Witnesses: courtroom skills training (online)</h4>

Expert Witnesses: courtroom skills training (online)

This online course improves expert witness performance in the courtroom. An experienced lawyer will provide constructive feedback on participants’ witness-box presentation.

Date - 11 November 2020
Price - £295 - £445
<h4>The drawing gym (online)</h4>

The drawing gym (online)

An online three day course dedicated to improving your sketching abilities and techniques.

Date - 16 November 2020
Price - £265 - £375
Structure partly collapsed upon itself

Seismic design of structures (Online)

This course covers seismic loading and design codes, design principles and analysis for seismic loading, and design and detailing of structural members. Advanced topics like probabilistic seismic hazard analysis will also be addressed.

Date - 16 November 2020
Price - £425 - £625
Learning at IStructE digital Conference 2019

Managing high performance teams (online)

Half-day online workshop teaches you the practical skills of building and managing high-performance teams.

Date - 18 November 2020
Price - £125 - £195
Tall london apartment block with balconies

Appraisal of existing structures (online)

Focussing on initial visual appraisals, desktop assessments of structures and developing scopes for further non-destructive and intrusive investigations, including the use of new survey technologies.

Date - 30 November 2020
Price - £265 - £375

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