The Institution of Structural Engineers The Institution of Structural Engineers
What we do

What we do

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We uphold standards, share knowledge, promote structural engineering and provide a voice for the profession.

Upholding standards
Our members undergo rigorous technical assessment and commit to continual learning and development. 
This means that professional membership of the Institution is a global benchmark of competence and technical excellence, driving safety and innovation in the built environment. 
Building communities of knowledge
We create, develop and support communities of technical excellence. Our committees and panels and our Regional Group activity provide global connectivity for members and facilitate the sharing of knowledge. 
Our events, publications and training address structural engineers’ need for both a firm grasp of fundamentals and the profession’s increasing specialisation.
Promoting structural engineering
We showcase the accomplishments of structural engineers to the public by holding events like the Structural Awards and by acting as a source of expert comment on breaking news. 
We promote the benefits of structural engineering careers by collaborating with other professional engineering institutions to deliver events, workshops and competitions in schools.
We also provide tailored support and resources for students at universities. 
Speaking for the profession
We share the views of structural engineers with government, the construction industry and other institutions, ensuring the structural engineering profession makes a coherent contribution to developments in policy and practice. 
We promote the value structural engineers bring to the construction industry as innovative, creative problem solvers and the guardians of public safety.

Explore our training, events and resources to support you throughout your career and membership journey.