Code of Conduct

We enforce high standards of professional conduct for our members.

We require them to uphold the reputation of their profession and to observe the laws of the Institution.
The Code of Conduct states that members shall:
1. act with integrity and fairness and in accordance with the principles of ethical behaviour;
2. have regard to the public interest as well as the interests of all those affected by their professional activities;
3. uphold the reputation of the profession;
4. maintain and broaden their competence and, where appropriate, assist others to do so;
5. undertake only those tasks and accept only those appointments for which they are competent;
6. exercise appropriate skill and judgement;
7. not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure the reputation of another person;
8. avoid conflicts of interest.
In addition, members shall:
  • comply with the legislation of the country in which they are working and that which is relevant to the project location;
  • disclose to the Institution upon being declared bankrupt and/or becoming disqualified as a Company Director and/or Charity Trustee; 
  • disclose to the Institution if they have been convicted of a criminal offence (other than motoring offences which did not result in disqualification);
  • disclose to the Institution if they have been subject to an adverse finding before any tribunal, court or other competent authority in respect of an allegation or offence relevant to membership of the Institution; 
  • comply with the Laws of the Institution of Structural Engineers as described by the Charter, Bye-laws, Regulations and associated Rules.


Code of Conduct PDF (17MB)



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