Our values

Our values

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We strive towards a structural engineering profession that is built on competence, accessibility, and community.


Championing competence is at the core of everything we do.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for our members to develop, refresh and extend personal competencies.

We also help members specialise by offering tailored courses, resources and specialist qualifications.


Accessibility and diversity:

We are committed to making the structural engineering profession more accessible. We are constantly reviewing our routes to membership to provide flexibility in the process, offering more choice for all our candidates.  

We value diversity and the perspectives people from different backgrounds bring to the engineering profession. We work with other professional bodies and our members to identify and remove barriers to anyone becoming a structural engineer.

We are committed to addressing under-representation by working to:

  • Better understand and monitor the diversity of our membership
  • Refresh and improve our careers advice
  • Profile engineers who reflect the diversity of our members
  • Help employers better understand the various routes into the industry
  • Consider how we support career-break returners more effectively



We work to create an international community of structural engineering excellence, facilitated by our digital platforms, Regional Group activity and networks of special interest.

Explore our training, events and resources to support you throughout your career and membership journey.