BIM Panel

BIM Panel

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The BIM Panel supports members’ understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As part of the Institution’s digital engineering strategic focus, the Panel promotes practical guidance for the industry and provides input into broader initiatives relating to Building Information Modelling (BIM). The Panel’s work involves the implementation of BIM and delivery of projects utilising BIM, publishing information for practitioners and tools to ensure best-practice and holisitic integration of the Institution’s technical focus areas such as safety and climate action. Topics may include:

  • Modelling best-practice
  • Interpretation of guidance and legislation in the context of BIM
  • Information management
  • Effective communication through BIM
  • Collaboration in the wider construction industry through BIM


Panel structure:

The constitution of the Panel aims to reflect the diversity of the Institutions membership and to provide different perspectives.

  • Chair
  • Representative of the Digital Workflow and Computational Design Panel
  • Up to 24 other members (including members of various grades and those based in different locations)


Get involved:

We invite expressions of interest in Panel membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Members of the Panel are expected to fully participate in supporting and driving the Panel's activities forward.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the activities of the group, and you will be expected to do some work outside the meetings, for example drafting or reviewing guidance and keeping up to date on the latest developments around the topic of BIM.

Meetings are generally held online. In-person meetings are held at the discretion of, and agreed by, the Panel.

Contact the panel if you have questions about their work.


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