Commendation 2021

Award for
Long Span Structures

Project Description

A vast two-way cable structure used to construct a series of exhibition halls. The area covered by the bidirectional cable roof reaches 288m by 105m. This makes it one of the largest structures of this type in the world. The project combines the natural arc of the cable with the sloping roof of classical Chinese buildings. It creates a traditional and graceful architectural appearance.

Judge’s comments

The basis for the design of these vast exhibition and conference buildings is the typical elegant, curved concave roof form of the old Chinese timber buildings.  Here this is achieved by a delightfully minimalist cable structure. The large roof span is supported by a two-way suspension cable structure in which the longitudinal cable, spanning 105 metres supports the transverse cables spanning a total of 180 metres through prestressed vertical rods.  The typical heights of the halls is 28.65 meters.

There is no ceiling in the exhibition hall, but a rhythmic and graceful roof view is formed by the cables and anchors of the transverse cable truss. Braces arranged on purlins at 45 degree make the roof view more vivid. The feature of the cable perfectly fits the architectural idea and echoes traditional Chinese elements.

Clever detailing of the structure enabled to use of minimal materials for such great spans and therefore helped minimise the carbon footprint.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Client Name

  • China Construction Haoyun Co.,Ltd.


  • Shijiazhuang, China


  • Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Principal Contractor

  • China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co.,Ltd.

Key Contractors

  • China Academy of Building Research – Structural Reviewer 

    China Construction Steel Structure Co.,Ltd. – Steel Structure Contractor

    Beijing Building Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd. – Cable Structure Contractor

    Southeast University – Cable Structure Contractor

    Guangdong Kin Long Hardware Products Co., Ltd. – Cable Structure Supplier

    Juli Sling Co., Ltd. – Cable Structure Supplier

Year Submitted

  • 2020