Winner 2014

Award for
Highway or Railway Bridge Structures

Project Description

The Shenyang Ribbon Bridge carries a dual three lane highway across the Hun River and connects the Dong Ling Park and the Industry Park of Comic and Animation. Its steel box arches, the largest of which has 120 m span and 70 m rise, are of different heights resembling streamers dancing gracefully and dynamically above the water. The arches are all inclined inward by 17o and whilst the main span arch ribs connect at midspan, the other arches remain separate without connecting bracing.

Judge’s comments

The judges commented that the striking arch geometry was well engineered to balance forces and the demand on the materials.  The horizontal thrusts developed by adjacent arches were balanced at supports by suitable variations in the span to rise proportions, while the overturning moments on the inclined arches were balanced by inclining the hangers a small additional amount outside the plane of the arches.

Project overview

Client Name

  • Traffic Bureau Dongling District of Shenyang City; Shenyang Urban and Rural Construction Committee


  • Shenyang, China

Year Submitted

  • 2014