Winner 2014

Award for
Pedestrian Bridges

Project Description

This 80 m clear span footbridge over the Bow River is a new icon for the picturesque and historical Rocky Mountain town of Banff, Canada, that fulfills a one-hundred-year-old plan for a second crossing, while also carrying much needed drainage systems to replace aging ones below the river in this pristine national park. Achieving the minimal slender form in timber was made possible by controlling vibrations with a pair of unique tuned mass dampers that address both walking and jogging frequencies.

Judge’s comments

This bridge pushes the boundaries for timber footbridges in a dramatic manner. It responds elegantly and efficiently to its context and delivered “everything and more” than the client expected, coming in under his budget and ahead of schedule. It responded sensitively to the constraints and aspirations for the site to the delight of the Town it serves, with sustainability objectives fully met respecting what is a beautiful natural setting.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Fast + Epp

Client Name

  • Town of Banff


  • Banff, Canada

Year Submitted

  • 2014

Submitted By

  • Fast + Epp