Commendation 2021

Award for
Zero Carbon Ambition

Project Description

Two new university faculty buildings, including an extensive variety of classrooms, laboratories, and gathering places. The buildings include the first use of self-centering post-tensioned CLT shearwalls in North America. The Complex shows that mass timber can offer a viable alternative to traditional high-performance construction systems.

Judge’s comments

This institutional building structure sets a new bar for contemporary timber construction founded on the first use of state-of-the-art components.

The project introduced the first self-centering post-tensioned CLT shearwalls in North America, as well as the use of timber-concrete composite elements substantiated by significant research, analysis, and on-site vibration testing. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest, the seismic demands of the site are severe. Timber was well-utilised to address this, with the low-weight building material reducing seismic forces, leading to further design efficiencies and material reduction. 

The project effectively demonstrates that mass timber has earned its rightful place among high-tech construction materials, offering a lower-carbon alternative to more traditional high-performance systems. 

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Equilibrium Consulting Inc

Client Name

  • Oregon State University


  • Oregon, USA


  • Michael Green Architecture

Principal Contractor

  • Andersen Construction

Key Contractors

  • StructureCraft – Timber Supplier and Installer

    Code Unlimited – Fire Protection Engineer 

    BRC Acoustics – Acoustic Specialist

    D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations – Timber Supplier

    PAE Consulting Engineers – Mechanical 

    AEI Affiliated Engineers – Electrical

    Images: © 1&2 - Josh Partee, 3 - Ema Peter 

Year Submitted

  • 2021