Project Description

This school gymnasium in Bali is an ambitious demonstration of the structural use of bamboo, utilising the material’s unique combination of strength and flexibility. Anticlastic shells span between 19m wide by 13m high arches, both of which contribute to the structural spanning. Due to the variable material properties of bamboo and the pioneering form, extensive testing was carried out to justify the design.

Judge’s comments

This dramatic roof structure is a breath-taking use of sustainable, locally harvested bamboo. The project was beautifully detailed following years of research into the material’s unique properties. The result is a very low carbon structure superbly executed, showcasing the fantastic artistry and workmanship of the engineers in the varied structural forms. 

The project demonstrates the exciting potential of bamboo as a potential mainstream building material. Architects and engineers alike should be inspired.  

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Atelier One

Client Name

  • The Green School, Bali


  • Bali, Indonesia


  • Ibuku

Principal Contractor

  • PT Bamboo Pure

Key Contractors

  • Jorg Stamm – Bamboo Master Craftsman

    Studio Nimmersatt – Lighting

    Tommaso Riva – Photographer

    James Wolf – Testing Co-ordinator

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • Planet, Process