Winner 2023

Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence

Award for
engineering artistry in the creation of a light touch, low profile timber bridge

Project Description

An exceptionally low profile, clear span timber bridge over the Bow River, in Banff, one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. The creation of the Nancy Pauw Bridge provides a pedestrian crossing at the site, realising a dream that planners had first envisioned in 1914. The result is a graceful, unobtrusive structure that fits in with the beautiful surroundings and causes minimal interference with local wildlife.

Judge’s comments

This spectacular timber arch bridge has an 80m clear span. The technical challenges of the incredibly shallow arch were expertly overcome by the engineers. Vibration damping was well considered, and an innovative tuned mass damper installed.

The project team has responded to the considerable structural, environmental, and ecological challenges to deliver a bridge that celebrates the natural environment of Banff through the use of natural materials. A fantastic example of technically adept ‘light touch’ engineering.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • StructureCraft

Client Name

  • Town of Banff


  • Alberta, Canada

Principal Contractor

  • StructureCraft

Key Contractors

  • Thurber Engineering Ltd (Geotechnical Engineer)

    ground cubed (Landscape Architect, Lighting Designer)

    Avens Consulting, RAM Consulting (Environmental Consultant)

Year Submitted

  • 2023

Key attributes

  • Planet, Process