Winner 2019

Award for
Pedestrian Bridges

Project Description

Spanning two cliffs on the top of Tanxi Mountain, this curved girder bridge is supported by a single-side cable arch system. Due to the harsh and narrow construction space on the top of the mountain, an innovative construction method was required.

Judge’s comments

The form of the bridge has created a landmark for the area with its long spanning elegant profile both in the sweeping horizontally curved glass desk and its vertically curved inclined arched support. Connected by cables, together they generate a sculptural form in this mountainous region. It is clearly man-made yet complements its surrounding natural environment.

The structural engineering ambition, execution of engineering judgement, thoroughness of design and delivery clearly contributed to the success of this bridge. The engineer’s role as part of a team of close collaborators from many different design and construction professions is evident in the finished bridge. The bridge is flanked by dramatic mountainous terrain that challenged the team to design for complex topography in a remote site with narrow construction space and challenging access. The team used 3D laser scanning technology to model the topography and integrated it into the design model. Considerable attention to feasible and efficient construction lead to an innovative two stage rotation of girder and arch construction sequence which reduced the temporary works requirements. To achieve this key hinge joints that performed for both the permanent and staged temporary construction cases were developed and a special climbing construction device was designed for construction of the curved structure. Efficiency in form was also considered by load balancing arch and deck allowing for a single sided cable solution. The final bridge solution is a sophisticated resolution of complex structural engineering considerations realised in an elegant form.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., LTD

Client Name

  • Zibo Tanxi Mountain Tourism Development Co. LTD.


  • Zibo, China


  • Paradox Architecture Design Consulting (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Principal Contractor

  • Yangzhou Jiangan Color Steel Structure Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Key Contractors

  • Shanghai Tonglei Civil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. – Worked for the tension of cables