Winner 2019

Award for
Vehicle Bridges

Project Description

Kienlesberg Bridge is a combined tram, cyclist, and pedestrian bridge crossing a busy railway hub. The 270m-long crossing has a unique undulating appearance. The structure was prefabricated in segments which were welded on site and launched over live rail traffic.

Judge’s comments

This is a highly sympathetic new pedestrian, cyclist, and tram bridge. The structure reflects the enormous benefits of interdisciplinary work between engineers and architects.

The sinuous silhouette is derived from the natural distribution of bending moments, and optimised for a longitudinal launching process.

At the same time, it is an architectural homage to the nearby 110-year-old wrought-iron Neutor Bridge. The judges admired how the graceful, economic, and efficient appearance belies the complexity of the site and irregularity of the support conditions.

Notably, the structure of the main crossing was prefabricated in short segments, assembled on an elevated scaffolding at the south abutment and truss adjacent.

This three-stage launch procedure was complicated by the curved east section but well managed by the engineers.

Project overview

Structural Designer


Client Name

  • Stadtwerke Ulm: SWU Verkehr GmbH


  • Ulm, Germany


  • Knight Architects

Principal Contractor

  • SEH Engineering

Key Contractors

  • Geiger & Schüle Bau - Construction

    Klähne Beratende Ingenieure - Mounting and execution design

    Images: © Knight Architects, Wilfried Dechau