Winner 2022

Award for
exemplar use of timber at scale in a retrofit project

Project Description

A landmark commercial development project comprising refurbished, extended, and new-build office spaces for the creative industries. The existing building was extended outwards and upwards to create a timber structured 6-storey office building. The building champions low carbon design, with around 70% of the original structure retained, and the new timber extensions storing 439 tonnes of embodied carbon.

Judge’s comments

This major reuse project champions the use of mass timber in the commercial sector to create an adaptive space which is responsive to the end user’s needs. 

A lightweight CLT and glulam structure has been used to extend the existing concrete frame, increasing the building from two to six storeys and adding 60,000sq. ft. 
Specifying timber as opposed to a heavier building material such as steel or concrete has allowed for minimal strengthening to the existing foundations which have been reused to support the additional four storeys. 

Exemplar low-carbon thinking.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Heyne Tillett Steel

Client Name

  • Resolution Property


  • London, UK


  • Studio RHE

Principal Contractor

  • Graham

Key Contractors

  • Quartz Project Services – Quantity Surveyor 

    Anstey Horne – Surveyor

    B&K Structures – Sustainable Timber Contractor

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • Planet, Profession