Winner 2023

Award for
awarded for the bold design of a transformative structure

Project Description

A new steel bridge spanning a previously derelict dock. It allows the passage of vessels into the dock by rolling along a track such that the deck turns upside down. The bridge is carefully counterweighted so that the centre of gravity is at one level, allowing the 13-ton bridge to roll using only a hand cranked winch. Despite the simplicity of this movement, the design process and fabrication revealed complex and unique engineering challenges.

Judge’s comments

This technically innovative and intriguing bridge showcases the application of advanced mathematics to develop an elegant and stable geometric design that is understated when stationery but playful in its movement, creating a spectacle when operated. The engineers have implemented a clever mechanical engineering solution by adding a counterweight to raise the centre of gravity to the midpoint of the frame, to facilitate its hand operated movement.

The unique design necessitated a passionately collaborative team. Each role extended past typical scope boundaries, with everyone having to adopt a holistic understanding of the structure, mechanics, geometry, architecture and fabrication.

The project signifies collaboration between, not only the design team, but the local community as a contemporary piece of industrial architecture/functional sculpture that will endure for generations to come.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Price & Myers

Client Name

  • Gasworks Dock Partnership


  • London, UK


  • Thomas Randall-Page

Principal Contractor

  • Gasworks Dock Partnership, Cake Industries

Year Submitted

  • 2023

Key attributes

  • People, Process