Project Description

Creating an iconic public building in the Georgian capital using techniques, materials and design provisions previously unused in that country represented a considerable challenge for a four­person practice. Working to the Eurocodes, employing locally produced steel framing and adopting BIM has permitted the creation of ingenious structural framing that supports an architecturally striking building. The fact that the project moved from concept to completion in just 8 months, shows how strong leadership from the structural engineer can deliver an exceptional result.

Judge’s comments

"Clever structural engineering based on the precept that challenging established local ways of doing things and adopting the most up-to-date concepts has ultimately created an altogether different form of building. Located in a seismic region in a country not used to working with Eurocodes, structural steelwork and BIM, Engenuiti have successfully demonstrated how imaginative and forward thinking structural engineering is at the heart of successful projects."

Project overview

Client Name

  • Georgia Ministry of Justice

Year Submitted

  • 2012