Winner 2012

Award for
Pedestrian Bridges

Project Description

The Jarrold Bridge is a unique, curved, double cantilever pedestrian bridge in Norwich. The sweeping curve of the bridge is defined by the site and clearances imposed on the structure. The use of propped cantilevers from both abutments achieves a stunning bridge that appears to 'float' over the water. The closed box structure in weathering steel creates a sharp structural outline that is most efficient at resisting all vertical and horizontal actions.

Judge’s comments

"This bridge is an outstanding example of innovation, structural efficiency, and aesthetic simplicity. The minimalist internal supports and bold abutments result in a structure that appears to defy structural principles and is extremely eye-catching. It greatly enhances its environment."

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Ramboll

Client Name

  • Jarrold (St James) Limited

Year Submitted

  • 2012

Submitted By

  • Ramboll